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I provide my main welding and locksmith services in general construction and engineering in the country and abroad, at sea and on land and at heights using mountaineering equipment.

Locksmithing and Welding

  • assembly of hydraulicy air instalation in industry
  • industrial service of machine and devices
  • welding of steel structures, pipes, balustrades, fences, stairs, garden and home furniture
  • artistic locksmiths
  • height locksmithing with the use of telescopic elevators
  • short-term repairs on ships at sea during the cruise (the company has the appropriate permissions)

Welding and locksmith service

  • work performed on site at the customer's premises
  • work performed in places without access to the electricity network


  • locksmithing and welding at heights in hard-to-reach places using mountaineering equipment

Welding by methods

  • MIG/MAG - 131/135/136
  • TIG - 141
  • MMA - 111
  • welding of black steel, stainless steel, aluminium


  • oxygen-acetylene
  • plasma
  • angle grinders

"Only thanks to my passion for my profession in the field of welding and locksmiths for general construction and engineering , I can guarantee the highest quality."